New collection "Saudade"

The project

FeartPapel faithfully represent a store that manufactures handmade products like dolls, clothes, arts, embroidery and also inclusive games, my completed project was to promote a current design and art for her recent collection called "Saudade" it's a word that purely exists in Portuguese to adequately express the genuine feeling of missing the loved ones, in this private collection she wisely decides to place pillows, mugs and clothes to gift people that you are dearly missing.

The first collection was personalised pillows, with many contrasting styles and colours to encompass diverse ages.

To better visualisation of the design and creative arts, I carefully created personalised mockups.

For the high-profile client, I delivered the mockups, 3d designs and 2d art with the proper measurements to the confectioner of the products.

Designed just for you

I designed a decorated box that can also be crafted by the company and personalised by the potential client.

In this section mockups and rulers were delivered to the high-profile client for better visualisation and customisation.

For the reusable mugs, I efficiently produced the design following the fundamental idea of art that can properly approach many ages and likes.

Attention to the detail and focus

For the clothing, I realistically had to work with the company because of the possible limitation of colours and models of clothes that can be personalised.

They are sublimated with elevated temperature and pressure, this way the art can be carefully transferred to the t-shirt and have long durability.

we got what you need to express your feelings 

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customer feedback

I thank Bruna for making the 'Saudade' project a reality. When I presented the initial idea, she genuinely surprised me with her support, dedication and guidance. She efficiently is a competent professional, committed and very respectful of dates.”

- Fernanda Pereira