Branding your independent company represents a crucial part of business growth and for that, thoughtful analysis of the project is essential. Rudizzi is an Italian restaurant designed exclusively for my portfolio. It's undoubtedly inspired by my brother who is a talented chef and dreams to open his own restaurant.

In this project, you can acknowledge the prime importance of a well-branded design to efficiently deliver the proper mood to potential customers. You are going to see from the logo creation to the ultimate steps of efficiently creating the restaurant app.

For the typography, I developed these extensive and not straight lines to adequately convey the chef's unique personality as a very welcoming and spontaneous person.

The first necessary step of adequately developing a brand is creating the logotype, for this task; I selected the most significant characteristics of the chef like his great and well-done moustache and his big glasses.

Deliver an accurate image with branding to your company.

At this moment we can play with the colour pallet; as an Italian restaurant, the familiar tones were properly focused on red, white and green as the flag, this way we create the mood and an easy pattern to stick in the customer's head.

For the extensive menu, I designed the hamburgers page as an example which is the local speciality of the talented chef.

I equally produced some reusable mugs and advertising designs to be used in decorative displays round the gourmet restaurant.

Experience the gourmet restaurant in the palm of your hand.