Square Lotus

The soap that helps you and the environment

The Project

Designing a brand and forwarding the authentic message to the customers is always challenging. As a personal project, I carefully developed this private company from scratch utilizing wisely my practical knowledge of organic products and design, to showcase my specialised skills in my professional portfolio.

My initial step was developing a logo for the idea I had: natural soap bars.

I established a name that would be creative and fit the logo and concept.

The photos were treated and chosen to convey an accurate understanding of what the company is producing.

The design speaks for itself

Plenty of unique designs, vibrant colours, consistent themes, and custom packages, completely honest and cruelty-free.

Extra attention to detail development

I carefully produce the official colours and modern typography to meet the mood of the project, with handmade soaps carefully prepared and with raw shapes to enhance the user experience of a completely organic product.

Designed to take care of the environment

The innovative design contains a pattern and crude colours for the label inducing a natural and organic mood.

With recyclable paper and personalised boxes for each product.

Natural Soap Bars are handmade from scratch, using the cold processed method, one batch at a time - to ensure youthful freshness, consistency and perfection.

The user experience 

I professionally developed the design for the online store to be responsive on standard desktops and mobile dispositive.

It's equally significant to keep the mood and the theme of the store. To maintain this, I applied the brand colour pallet and typography.

For each page, I inspired myself in online shops to bring more credibility and factual content to my ambitious project.

I made a thematic home page for Christmas sales with a vast display.